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Trailriders are the only providers of the Mountain Bike Leader Award (MBLA) qualification courses in Southwest Ireland. The MBLA scheme is the only leadership award administered by the National Governing Bodies, Cycling Ireland and Coaching Ireland. It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and respected mountain bike leadership qualification available. If you are in a position to lead groups on any trails you should aim to gain this qualification above any others!

Our Trail Cycle Leader (TCL) course has been developed to provide you with strong leadership and progressive coaching skills in order to allow you to learn and develop your personal leadership skills, effective group management and riding techniques. It also provides you with MBLA directed skills in trailside repair, nutrition and coaching methods. The training course includes theoretical sessions but has a strong emphasis on practical training which will utilise the great trails at Ballyhoura Mountain Bike centre.

Course Dates:

MBLA TCL Training - Postponed for foreseeable future contact

Course Content:
1. Leadership skills.
2. Navigation.
3. Group Management. CI MBLA
4. Bike Adjustment.
5. Risk Assessment.
6. Fundamental Coaching Techniques.
7. Nutrition.
8. Leader/Group/Personal Equipment.
9. Bike knowledge.
10. Trailside Repairs.
11. Core Mountain Bike Skills.
12. Planning and Preparation.
13. Dealing with Emergencies.
14. Environmental Awerness.

Pre-Course Requirements
You must register with the Cycling Ireland MBLA scheme and hold Cycling Ireland membership.
All candidates must be over 18 years of age and provide Log Book evidence detailing a minimum of 20 separate mountain bike rides in appropriate terrain and in a variety of weather conditions. They should all be a minimum of 1.5 hours in duration, with at least 8 rides being at least 2-3 hours and 1 ride being 6 hours.
If you want to discuss your suitability for the TCL Training course please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.
On receipt of your booking the relevant course details will be sent to you.

Cost: €170
Ratio: 1:8
Duration: 2 days

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