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Liam Sheehy:  
Liam has been involved in extensive travelling for 10 years with experience in skiing and mountain biking in France, America, Australia and New Zealend. Liam is very active with trying to get as much bike time in as possable with numerous trips away each year (work of course), and looking for the next buzz on a trail. Liam is also a qualified T.C.L. and a Cytech 2 bike mechanic.
He is always looking to make the bike rental facility a more efficient place to work and bike, he enjoys nothing more than just cruising around bagging the miles with friends.



Declan Roche: (aka The Flying Mechanic)

What can we say about Declan that has not been said already by anyone who meets him, an absolute gentleman. Declan is our on site mechanic who works part time. Declan has spent his whole life fixing and racing all types of motorbikes and worked extensively with heavy duty machinery with bearings. Declan is a Cytech 2 quailified bike mechanic.
Declan loves nothing more than bikes that are a challenge to fix but is equally as happy helping any visitor to the area to have a pleasent experience from walking to biking.


Chris O Callaghan:

ChrisChris has been involved and has leadership qualifications in outdoor education since 1993 and has worked hard trying to get the standards of mountain biking coaching set as
high as possable by bringing the first mtb school (www.cyclewise.co.uk) into Ireland in 2007, to train up the first 10 T.C.L. Leaders in Ireland. 

Chris has the SMLTB qualification of T.C.L. and M.B.L. Also he is a qualified Cytech 2 bike mechanic. Chris has a big urge for the big all mt to the downhill style of riding . He has and still races in numerous international races from xc to dh such as the TransWales, Fort William 6 hr enduro dh race, Mega Avalanche and tours such as the Passportes Du Soleil.
Chris is a qualified Sports Therapist/Acupuncturist. Previously Chris has climbed extensively for 20 years from Scottish winter climbing to the peaks of Alaska and from the French alps to Norwegian ice falls. Chris is a co founder of the local mtb club Team Ballyhoura.



Eoin Fitzgerald:
Eoin has come from a background of rockclimbing and mountaineering, he has been a keen and active mountain biker and an adventure racer for the last 7 years. He enjoys a mix of XC and all mountain style of biking on natural and custom made trails in all corners of Ireland.
He has biked in almost every trail center in the British Isles with too many trips (so his girlfriend says) to France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. He has entered races such as Transwales,Transgermany, Mega Avalanche and is a current holder of a T.C.L. and M.B.L. awards. It would not be unusual for Eoin to be racing most weeks of the year.


Pat Kiely (aka The Lazy Boy) Pat-Kiely

Pat Kiely is a qualified TCL and MBL through Scottish Cycling, Pat has been mountainbiking for almost a decade doing tours abroad.
Pat is one of the most respected trial motorbikers in the country because of his manner, enthusiasm complimented with 30 yrs of motorbiking. We would class Pat as our technical guru with his skills of balancing and manoeuvering through tight technical terrain, if you ever experience Pats company, its a memorable experience.


Kieron SelleyKieron Selley

Growing up in Scotland, Kieron spent much of his younger years in the outdoors on various forms of transport taking part in various activities. This love for the outdoors followed him through life and he has been leading people into a variety of environments for 20 years or so. With various outdoor qualifications he loves working with groups in the outdoors and spending time in his role as a Cycling Ireland Tutor aswell as a Mountain Bike Leader Awards (MBLA) Tutor educating riders in skills and leadership. He is often found in the Ballyhouras on a bike, running or simply walking the dog!


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