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• You are new to mountain biking and want to learn the basics.
• You would like to undertake the course with people at the same level as you.
• Scared of crashing and would like to feel more confident.
• Feel a little out of your depth on the trails.
• Want to set a good foundation for your technique and ensure you do not allow any bad habits to set in.
• Want to ride with a qualified and experienced mountain bike coach who will take you through the scary bits and give you the confidence to try new things.
• You are keen to learn more about your bike and how to fix basic mechanicals and how to care for it after each ride.
• You are baffled by all the jargon and want it explained in plain English.

What you will learn

• How to set-up your bike including saddle position, handlebar set-up, tyre pressure and how to avoid punctures. 
• Seated and standing up pedaling technique and how to use your gears effectively on various types of terrain.
• Trail etiquette so you feel at home on the trails and with other riders.
• Minor trailside repairs including taking the wheels off, quick releases and puncture repair.
• Basic body position to maximize balance, safety and stability.
• Rolling drops and how to deal with steep sections of trail.
• How to use your brakes effectively.
• How to corner including line choice, body position, braking, balance and confidence.
• Basic maintenance of your bike.

Course Details

• Price: €60
• Duration: 6 hours
• Capacity: 8 riders
• Rider Experience: Beginner/Novice
• Bike Hire Included: No
• Food Included: No

Dates: TBC in springtime

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6 days
Tues - Sun
And Every Bank Holiday
09:00 - 17:00
All Bikes to be returned by 16:00

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