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A few things to check:

Q: Is your gear shifting still, slow, unresponsive
Cables are either stuck in outers or strerched too much.


Q: Are your wheels feeling rough when spinning?

Bearings in hubs are dry or have worn and need grease.

Q: Do your brakes fade on braking or feel weak?
Your brake fluid has overheated/degraded and renew annually.

Q: Have your shocks felt stiff, unresponsive?
Your shocks probably have been exposed to too much water, not enough oil (every 15 hours).

Q: Have you had roughness from chaninset?
No doubt water has leaked to B.Bracket through seat post.

Q: Have you degreased your chain, checked for bad links?
This can cause huge cassette wear.

Q: Do you carry a spare dropout/hanger for your bike?
Imagine 20km from home and you damage derailleur.

Q: Do you have a spare powerlink for 8 and 9 speed
Its very specific to each chain and chainbreaker.
For most the drop test will tell alot.
Drop back wheel from 8 in from the ground, repeat the front.

Q: Was there any strange rattle?
Lifting the saddle slightly, is there play or movement.
That can be bushing in shock or pivot bearings.

Q: Has your headset felt rough?
Probably has not been checked for bearing wear or regreasing.


We offer:
-Wheel building, spoke replacement
-Brake rebuilds, bleeding, piston and seal replacement
-Fork service, oil change, spring changeand seals
-We also can trace and find hard to get parts or bikes
-Frame bushings, bearings replaced
-Custom upgrades and builds
-We also stock secondhand parts and frames


Contact using the form provided on the page or feel free to ring us 087 2717330. We'd be happy to help you out

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